Solid Invest - ETLATIETO joint project 
Analysis of
and economic development trends
of Russia
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15.04.02 Energy Cluster updated
15.03.02 Energy Cluster in Russia
13.03.02 Food Cluster updated
13.03.02 St.Petersburg Competitiveness
29.02.02 Forest Cluster report
21.02.02 Metals Cluster updated
05.04.02 Seminar "Russian Information and Telecomunications Industry - Production and Subcontracting in Russia"
Moscow 5 April
08.04.02 Seminar "Russia's Base Metal Consumption and Rules of the Market"
St. Petersburg, 8 April (all-day seminar including visits)
15.04.02 Northwest Russian Metals cluster: Steering group meeting
Helsinki 15 April
15.04.02 Northwest Russian ICT cluster: Steering group meeting
Helsinki 15 April

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